We have moved to a NEW store! https://shop.tiertime.com

Thank you for shopping with us for the last two years. As our business grows, our old online system could not meet the demands from our global customers. Since then, we have been developing our new store, which supports the multi-inventory on different continents, the flexible coupon system, flexible currency support and much more.

The legacy store will be closed on Nov. 20th 2018. If you need to backup your data, please make sure to save them before the date. In case you miss the deadline, we always have your data available per your requests.

Come on try our new store at https://shop.tiertime.com. As our existing customer, you will enjoy your first order on our new store 10% off if you purchase spare parts or supplies, or 1KG filament free as your choose when you purchase a 3D printer. All you need to do is apply your the coupon code: OLDPAL, before you check out.

Thank you again for your support, and happy printing.

Team Tiertime