UP BOX 3D Printer Build Plate

UP BOX Perforated Print Board

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Part number: 18116

Applied model: UP BOX and UP BOX+

The pro-formulated Cell Board Build Plate is specially designed for the UP BOX and UP BOX+ 3D printer. The Perforated Print Board is designed with durable construction, withstand high temperatures and allows for multiple uses. The screw-free perforated print board is machine cut for perfect precision. 13 flat head screws and 2 position balls on the heated aluminium build platform perfect fit the holes on the perforated

print board, ensures the perforated print board is locking on the build platform, withstand thermal shock and reduce warping.

This cell board build plate is widely used on the UP BOX and UP BOX+ for extremely well stick during printing, especially ABS filament. 


Maximum first layer adhesion; Flexible surface with holes. More difficult to remove raft. 

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